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What Is Hemp Exactly ?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Hempy the Raccoon

Hey all you great pet moms and dads. It's really great to see you guys again. Hope your good,..... Oh me? Oh just hangin out in the back lot. Hey, Since this is the Educational department, I want to share some knowledge with you. You may or may not be familiar with

Hemp or the part it plays in our industrial and medicinal industries. You may be asking What is Hemp Exactly.

Ooohh hey looky here......

what a nice specimen. The scientific name is Cannabis Sativa, and it really looks a lot like marijuana. Well, that's because it's a very close relative the other Cannabis Sativa...…better known as marijane and a variety of other catchy names. Actually there are roughly over 1000 different strains of marijuana floating around, but only 3 readily recognized species. And even that has been argued. Now, that said, sometimes Hemp does get confused with the species that produce the drug marijuana and a drug hashish preparation.

Hhhhow ever, even though Hemp is used for medicinal purposes and does share the compound tetrahydrocannabinol better known as THC with its cousins, (Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis ) which causes the psycoactive effects in humans, or also known as "getting High". Side note: Some times known as "STUPID" high,...…

well at least that's what I hear.

But anyway.......(who took that picture? can't trust nobody)

the cannabis grown and cultivated for Hemp has just a small amount of THC, actually it has to be 3 percent or less which doesn't produce the "high" the other specimens do.

The plant itself is an erect annual with stout aromatic hollow stalks similar to cane. There are male and female plants. Thus the production of pollen with the male. It produces pod like seed clusters, which is the female that bloom a yellowish green flower. The leaves are palmate shaped like a hand with five points. Unless you knew what you were looking at, it would be hard to distinguish the different plants.

To be sure the cannabis has been around for minute. Noted in china around 2800 BCE. All through Europe and even in Chile about 1500 years ago. It was even used in America during war time. So Hemp has been around for a good while.

Hemp has been around for a good while and it looks to be around for even a while longer. It's used in things you probably had no idea it could be used in or for. It truly is a great product of nature. I hope this has helped you guys with the What Is Hemp Exactly? question. I'll talk about some of the cultivations and uses in another get together. So please come on back and check it out. I really enjoy talking to awesome pet owners and having a small part in helping you to find the best for your fury family members.

Oh, and I'd like to give credit to the https://www.britannica.comand for helping me out on some facts. I may know a lot about Hemp and CBD, but I never want to not give

credit and thanks for help. Believe it or not cannabis is a very, very detailed subject. I know most just think of it as pot or a young persons jolly. But it is a thriving and growing business with serious scientific advances. Thanks again for stopping, where was that left over pastrami Earl had........




William Clark
William Clark

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