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Common Questions About CBD For Pets

Hello again all my wonderful pet owners! It's great to see you. Today I have some questions you guys are asking about CBD For Pets. Hopefully I can clear up some of those so you will have a good clear understanding of this healthy

Hempy The Coon

option for your fury......or non fury, and maybe even feathery companions. The world of cannabis is a bit confusing when it comes to CBD\HEMP products, and the types of nutritional treats, tinctures, and chewables for your pets.

To be honest, there are many pet owners that do not have a good understanding of CBD, Hemp, or where it actually comes from. The differences in hemp CBD and marijuana CBD, CBD oil, HEMP oil, and so on. As you can see, it can be a bit confusing. But I have a page that explains the meanings of each and from where they come from.

In the CBD/Hemp market there are a lot of misconceptions and false information. The industry took off rather quickly and a lot of pet owners and retailers alike simply don't know if CBD comes from hemp or marijuana. When, it is produced from both. This hasn't stopped the growth of the market or the growing curiosity surrounding the product. And it shouldn't. Education in this field should continue to explain and reinforce with facts, not only the benefits of this natural healthy wonder but also the science and technology involved in producing, harvesting, and distribution.

With anything that can be used to make money, your gonna have those less up and up characters throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks. It's unfortunate, but a part of the free world. They had rather go for the quick buck and run before caught, just to set up shop and continue to sell less than a quality product. This not only hurts the industry but also our pets from time to time. That my friends is not expectable. Unfortunately, even with high standards set for growing and harvesting CBD/HEMP, not all players are on the same team. They will skirt the formalities and rules to produce and sell a non quality product.

Which brings me to a few definitions that will help you out when your probing for a good quality CBD/HEMP product. The first one is.......

What is Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum

Full Spectrum is hemp produced products that contain CBD, but also the other cannabinoids such as minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals, all of which work synergistically to provide physical and mental balance in the body. And with this you will get the cannabinoid THC. You get all of the plant benefits with full-spectrum hemp, or whole-plant medicine, which is much more beneficial than a single isolate, like CBD or any other cannabinoid isolated from the hemp plant.

Broad Spectrum is hemp that includes CBD and the other beneficial isolates, but with the THC removed.

CBD Isolates are of course only products with CBD only in them, stripping all other ingredients of the hemp out.

The terms listed above used in the industry to describe the level at which the hemp plant is processed. The least processed plant would be the Full Spectrum. It is regarded as the best for medicinal purposes in holistic medicine simply because there has been nothing from the plant stripped away. But in doing so, you also leave the THC and impurities such as pesticides and other contaminants.

Broad Spectrum leaves the CBD but removes the THC factor and if a properly manufactured process is followed, you will reap the benefits of good CBD without the other contaminants.

To be honest, there are more in-depth meaning and description for each of the listed words or levels of manufacturing. Like I said, The CBD/HEMP world is not so easily digested. And we will get to all of it sooner are later. But to give you a head start on the process of elimination when choosing a product, this will help you to understand what might on the label.

When looking to purchase products, always ask questions if the product or merchant doesn't offer details on their product. When these pet products first came out there was a lot to be found out about it. But the market has grown and good companies that are on the up and up are out there with good label information and proof of of a good quality product for your pets. But if you are concerned and the labels are website seem sketchy, continue with caution. But ask questions. Here is a great list by Heidi Hill. I found them on Pet product news.

1.) Where is the hemp sourced, and is it organically grown? Hemp plants are known to uptake toxins, environmental contaminants and pesticides from the soil. This exposure is dangerous for us and for our animals.

2.) Is it an isolate product that contains only CBD, or is it full spectrum, meaning that it contains all the beneficial constituents of the whole plant, including other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids? These naturally occurring components all work together for enhanced benefit and what is called the "entourage effect."

We believe full-spectrum products to be superior to CBD isolate products in the breadth of benefit achieved when utilizing all the constituent parts of the plant.

3.) Are the products third-party tested, and are [the results of those tests] provided? Don’t accept anything less, period.

4.) Is the potency and dosing clear and understandable for your companion animal? Do you know exactly how much CBD is included in each dose? Stick with market leaders and recommended companies who offer clear, animal-appropriate dosing.

5.) Is the company a member of the NASC and compliant with its quality standards and guidelines regarding claims, packaging, etc.?

6.) What is the background and longevity of the manufacturer? Can the company demonstrate they are in this business for the right reason—to improve the health, wellness and quality of life of animals?

7.) Does the company provide training, sales materials and support to help you confidently understand and sell these products?

8.) Are they recommended and distributed by companies you trust? —Heidi Hill

Well guys, that's about it for now. I'll check you later with some more educational stuff on Pet CBD/HEMP products and definitions.

But remember, ask questions, make sure merchant can show proof of manufacture or at least a certificate showing that the company is following the correct guide lines of production. Have a great week, be safe, and love your pets.


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