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CBD/Hemp...not pot.

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Hello there all my wonderful pet owners. Welcome back. I got another question someone asked me about. What Is CBD. Well, that is a great question and I will attempt to answer that in a clear and understandable way without getting too scientific. Cause,

Hempy The Raccoon

believe or not the subject of CBD and HEMP or very scientific in nature. So I will try and cut through all the science jargon and give a down-to-earth answer.

Now by simple definition, CBD is one of at least 113 known cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant but also found in the marijuana plant. The big difference is THC levels. Marijuana carries enough to cause a "High". Whereas in industrial hemp it does not. There are actually strict guidelines that are followed involving the growing and manufacturing of industrial hemp. You and your pet's own body structure houses a cannabinoid system known as an endocannabinoid system. And it is highly similar to the structure of plant-based cannabinoids. Your system is involved with the duties of regulating sleep, appetite, anxiety, and pain. The CBD attaches to parts of your own cannabinoid receptors and encourages the production of its own cannabinoids.

Can CBD Make You High.....?

Here is another question associated with What Is CBD. Well, the short answer is "NO". Out of about 113 cannabinoids the one known as THC is responsible for the psychoactive response to ingesting it. Better known as smoking, puffing, and hitting the bong, or maybe smoking a bowl, or even vaping. The hemp plant does not carry a high dose of this particular cannabinoid as does its cousin

What is CBD....

the marijuana plant. In the industrial growing of hemp, it is grown to have lower THC and produces more of a CBD yield. Industrial hemp is strictly grown under the guidelines that keep the THC 3% or less. This amount cannot cause you to get high.

How Are CBD Oil And Hemp Seed Oil Different?

When asking what CBD is you get into a bigger discussion than what is CBD. As explained above it's one of many cannabinoids, that can and are used in several different capacities in health and nutrition. When it comes to your pets, they consume the same CBD that you consume. Simply, CBD oil comes from the leaves and stalk. Of course, this is a very refined procedure. And as you may already guessed, Hemp seed oil comes from hemp seed only. And that is a precise extraction formula.

Hemp seed oil is high in omega 3 and 6. You can find in a lot of chefs' kitchens as well as the average consumer who wants to eat as healthy as they can and also in the beauty industry, as it is used for formulating such things as makeup. But it is in an array of products. From lotions to shampoos and conditioners. Hemp seeds are actually a

CBD Formulating

food. They have an abundant amount of healthy venues. But when you take

the plant and start to extract the oil from the leaves and stalks, then you are producing CBD oil supplements. All of these manufacturing processes have strict guidelines. You may see something called hemp extract. That's just another way of saying CBD oil.


Well hope that helps with your question What Is CBD? Now I want to say that if you are looking to purchase a CBD product, PLEASE, buy from a reputable supplier. Even though CBD and HEMP seed oil are tightly regulated, you know yourself there are always those looking to make a buck and they don't always care about the end product. Make sure they can provide analytical results for their products. A good brand can do this. I know you love your pets and don't want anything to hurt them. Especially if you're out there looking for good solutions to any of their issues. And always follow recommended dose directions. Thank you again for stopping by.........I gotta go.......HEY, HEY Earl, oooohhhh yyeeeaahhh, bath time! Where is Ducky, he would love this............



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